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To quote RFC 1912, "A common mistake is thinking that a wildcard MX for a zone will apply to all hosts in the zone. Various developers have produced software patches for BIND and for djbdns.

As a result, 20 years later, RFC 4592, "The Role of Wildcards in the Domain Name System" was written to help clarify the rules. The Internet Software Consortium produced a version of the BIND DNS software that can be configured to filter out wildcard DNS records from specific domains.In order to use SRV records, you will need the following information:a. For example, you would do a sip server, running on like so:_sip._udp SRV 0 5060 The IETF Service Type (You can view a more or less complete listing of those here, original RFC #2782 here) in the format _servicetype._layer4.b. As I described above, _sip._udp is the IETF Service Type for SIP protocol running on UDP.DNS Have verified that the file is properly changed.When the system rebooted after an extended power outage, vmail to email no longer worked. Put them back in, verified had been changed accordingly. If you open the file, it warns you not to edit the file as Free PBX is editing it. I had assumed this would be a Free PBX issue, based on the file warning etc.

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