Backdating posts

The date and time of a post can be changed at anytime.

When you compose a post, you can set the date and time to the future or backdate the post.

F___book Post Manager uses your Facebook’s Activity Log to look for posts and automatically perform the right action based on time and content filters.

To use the extension, open your Facebook profile and click on the “View Activity log” button.

Once in the “Activity Log”, click on the “F___book Post Manager” extension button and you will see management tools in its interface.

Signature guarantees and notary stamps are both used to verify signers’ identity.

If the time zone set for your computer does not match the time zone in your Typepad account at Account from the Status drop-down menu.

The notary public verifies the signer’s identify – usually done by checking his or her driver’s license of state-issued ID card – and stamps the document to finalize its execution.For example, the URL of this post is The bolded bit says that it was originally published in December (ie the 12th month) of 2009.This URL is kept even if I change the values in "Post Date and Time" (which I'm just about to do, to show when the article was last updated).A calendar will open where you can set the date and time of the post and click OK. The post will be set to publish at the designated date and time in the future.The calender will recognize the time zone set for your computer, not your Typepad account.

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