Cougar dating stories

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OP: Sorry Sweetie, but this cougar doesn't play with the pups anymore and I'll tell why.....

Sharon, Faith, Sylvia and Maureen may have different motivations for their dating choices, but they share one thing in common: they’re self-proclaimed cougars who believe that their lives are enriched by the younger men they choose to date.

I felt bad, so I texted him sweet messages all night from the bar but never heard back once."When I asked the next day why he was MIA, he got quiet and, after a minute or so, broke down in tears.

Just like with babies are young twenties to older teens.....

I hold a baby and just love it up while I'm holding's not going home with me!!

Seasoned Predator"When I first met Jared, 28, I thought he might be The One because he was such a family guy.

We spent a lot of time with his parents and even their friends.

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