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He achieved some success via direct marketing to generate sales.From there, he decided to write an ebook called “Double your Dating” which became his first big success and launched a multi-million dollar enterprise.When it comes to creating attraction, there are 3 magic words you need to know: cocky and funny. YOU may have not heard of him yet, but everyone reading this with an interest in the community certainly has… ” NO, because women are turned off by clowns who are cracking jokes all day just to get attention. ” Me: “Don’t you think it’s kinda awkward to do it in the rain? I’d rather go and seek shelter from the rain” She: (yawning) “it’s bedtime! If you want to sleep with me, you could AT LEAST take me out to dinner first! ” (with a slight smile on my face) Why does this being cocky and funny stuff work here? Today I want to talk about the inventor of cocky and funny and how the technique of cocky & funny itself works. None other than David De Angelo, the dating guru behind the wickedly successfull cocky and funny technique and Double Your Dating programs. got famous for his Cocky And Funny conversational technique, so guess what I’ll be talking about today? Because I know what you’re thinking: so should I be a clown now, a comedian that entertains her…because I “have to be funny?Using exaggeration…is blowing things all the way up when it comes to age, weight, height and so forth or when a girl complains about her clothing.Me (to a shorter than average woman): “I like shorties, so how tall are you…about 1,40? ” Me: “I wasn’t going to say anything, but you took the words right out of my mouth honey! Everyday life is BORING to us: obligations, daily routines…most of us never get to go somewhere interesting, meet someone interesting or DO something interesting, and we CRAVE for an escape, something that will make us feel ALIVE.

Many people who’ve read want to know what books influenced me as I was learning.

But the catch was that it was PG-rated, written by a woman and generally for them.

Young men continued to get a lot of their dating advice from their peers in the locker room, and if they were lucky, an older male mentor who knew the ropes.

This classic by Eric Weber appeared in 1970, and included advice such as wearing bell-bottoms and marching in peace marches to pick up the hot hippies.

The 1950s were gone, and men’s dating advice had moved on from how long you should wait to kiss a girl on the cheek at her doorstep.

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While working in this company, Eben has authored multiple e Books, seminars and video courses on the subjects of Meeting Women Online, Advanced Dating, Man Transformation and more.

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  2. Meanwhile, because Danny is a virgin at 22, his brother Larry (Eddie Kaye Thomas), who runs a limousine service, gets him a string of hilariously disastrous blind dates in between rentals.