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As for my Invader Zim fics, they've all been dropped completely, and are up for adoption except for "Cat Claws", which I'm thinking about rewriting in the future."Yard Bird" (Currently writing)"The Memories We Shared" (Currently writing)"Story of My Life" (Currently writing)"Dares of Destruction, Truths of Destiny" (Currently writing)"The Pupeteer: POV Series" (Hiatus)"As the Clock Ticks" (Hiatus)"Ferb's Goodbye: Epic Remake" (Hiatus; don't kill me for that, I mean it's been almost a year. Flaming is not a good thing, unless it's actually to help people, in which that would actually be called constructive criticism.

Let it go, and read much better Ferb fics than my crudmuffins.)"Ignorance is Bliss" (Hiatus)And I think that's about all that I'm going to be showing. So, the question would be: What can we do to stop flaming?

Moreover, William Sachs has appeared as a guest lecturer at the UCLA Film School, Cal State Northridge and the California Institute of the Arts.

-(Thor 2929) -Thor Toen/Plumik Records/PHD Canada -re-release with new traycard design -USA 1.

Deluxe Digipack Version -(CLP 1746) -Cleopatra/Deadline -Deluxe Version with DVD, booklet, & Bonus tracks -USA See back cover....

His flesh is melting and to stay alive he must consume human flesh and blood.

The infected Colonel West escapes from the doctors’ supervision and hides in the surrounding community where he begins to hunt for human flesh. Featuring “excellent makeup effects” (Leonard Maltin) from six-time Best Makeup Oscar® winner Rick Baker (An American Werewolf In London, Ed Wood, Men In Black) and written and directed by William Sachs (Galaxina, Exterminator 2), The Incredible Melting Man delivers the gelatinous goods while humanizing a character rapidly losing his humanity. " 1080p High-Definition Widescreen (1.78:1)/DTS-HD Master Audio Mono/1977/Color/84 minutes MAX J.

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  2. The demonstration, starring Faith Kroll and her boyfriend Jim Marcus, took place after class in what started out as a panel discussion with "members of Chicago's fetish community describing 'BDSM,' or bondage, discipline, sadism and masochism," the Chicago Sun-Times reports.