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I have SSO setup with Word Press and have the SSO Avatar override setting set on discourse so that it uses the avatar URL from my Word Press site.However it does not seem to update if the person is using Gravatar and changes their Gravatar image. I have had my new picture for a fair while now, but my old one remains in place @ Is there a way that we could get it to update profile pictures or always pull the latest profile picture?doesn't seem to use the Git Hub profile avatar at all, but rather embeds Gravatar images.Here's a video showing a bad image, and then a successful upload: Rmt Ou I wanted to make sure all the different strings make sense.Here's a list of all the possible ones and when they can happen: Please verify your email address: [email] When you first signed up for a Word account we sent you an email.Thanks i also noticed if poeple go from a custom uploaded avatar or the default on my WP site then swtich to Gravatar the discourse forum does not update. Shouldn't relogging in re-grab the avatar url and update?

I'll mess around with that later today to see if I can get gravatars to work without file uploads enabled.

To be clear, I'm not saying file upload is vulnerable, I'm just saying we want to test it more and we haven't had the time to do that in the past couple of weeks.

So far now, we're choosing the "better safe than sorry" route.

In order to have an avatar on this forum, we will be transitioning the use of Gravatar over from the Battlelog forums.

If you have not set this up previously, I will outline the steps in order to have one on your account.

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