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Plug it in, link it to an account, and then you can access it from the web or a smartphone as well as setting up automatic recording.Keeping those recordings will cost you at least a month, though.We’re not focused on full security systems with alarms and other features here — just cameras so you can keep an eye on your place with live streaming and video recordings.Many manufacturers are trying to make this even easier, offering plug-and-play solutions linked to web services and smartphone apps.This article will explain how to connect a CCTV camera directly to a TV / monitor and what equipment is needed to do it.How to view multiple security cameras on a TV will also be explained here.

It’s wise to hook up your security IP cameras to computer (or computer monitor) for 24/7 monitoring and recording.You should have a red LED and then it will turn into a green LED on the camera when you are connected to the router.If you are not getting this, refer to How to Reset my Camera. Select "Set up wireless" To easily connect the camera to your wireless network, select "Scan" Select your wireless network and enter your password. Follow the instructions shown and then select "Above steps completed" 1. Wait for the camera to finish connecting to the wireless network. An IP camera is the surveillance and security video camera that send and receive data via network and the Internet.IP stands for Internet protocol, and IP cameras are designed to work over the web or over Internet.

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