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Would you ever pierce your nipple or down there area? Would you date or hook up with a guy who had his penis pierced? Is there a piercing do you wish you could get, but you probably never will? Have you ever gotten a piercing or tattoo infected? She first shared the tale at the end of last week on her Instagram, writing: Tiger Woods has completed rehab following his May 29 DUI arrest.The golf star announced his "intensive program" was over in the same way he first told fans and the media — through Twitter. The sports wing of the Fox media empire is the latest to be plagued by sexual harassment allegations.She took this opportunity to occasionally enter the wrestling ring, where her brothers taught her about wrestling.She did this until she was 13, when she officially made her debut as a wrestler.She went on to hold several championships on independent circuit within Europe.

Individuals interested in telling their story are asked a few set questions - sexual orientation, religion, number of sexual partners - and are asked to describe the hook-up in detail. She wants to create a collaborative effort to share real experiences of casual sex - the stuff we don't normally see or hear about on mainstream TV or in the media.

That's what Natalie Hage wanted to know after she noticed that the man sitting next to her couldn't stop texting mean jokes about her weight.

She thinks he even took a picture for his friend on the other end! But the plus-size model, who was on her way to Los Angeles for a photo shoot, didn't let the encounter break her. Related: Shonda Rhimes Says She Wasn't Seen 'As A Person' Until She Lost Over 100 Pounds If anything, she shamed HIS ass in the end, for being such an awful human!

So we want to know all about your own personal body modifications. Or are you waiting anxiously to be older so you can get them?

Which celebrity do you think has the coolest tattoos?

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