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I generally avoid setters for collection properties; if at all, I have some method replace the collection instance.

in your View Model order to notify the View that the property has changed. Example, I have a Model within that model an object Program.

I'm setting this Items Source of the List Box programmatically: When I initially set the Items Source, the List Box (which is not visible at the time) gets its items set.

In this function i am just assigning forcast List that i get from callback to this View Model`s property. Well, you change the object the list property references and do not tell the view about it by setting the field to a new collection in that method.

I have a List View which i am updating as soon as i get data .

List View gets updated if i add items to observable Collection in the View Model`s constructor but not if i do it in some method after i get callback .

Source is located in data view model at path Data View Model. All Users; Whenever I add to this list new item or remove one, layout does not update. I tried to update listbox layout, to raise event of source update, other way of adding/removing items, but nothing worked.

Everything works quite well, but items in listbox aren't updated in real time. So when I remove any user from the list, listbox isn't updated even if its source is correctly changed.

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But one more issue with i OS is that when you exit the app by pressing the Home button, the app is actually in the suspended state and a snapshot of the current page is saved.

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